Welcome to the St. Petersburg Pier Community Website

St. Petersburg and its Pier are indelibly linked. As such, we sought to build a site to pay homage to that link – a website by and for the community. We hope that here you will share pictures, memories, and stories from Piers past and future.

We’ve gathered audio and video from some of St. Pete’s brightest and most beloved citizens to talk about the Piers past and their thoughts on the construction of the new Pier. We’ve spoken to St. Pete’s historians, business people, government leaders, and many more.

This site is presented by the St. Petersburg Group, an organization for the advancement of St. Petersburg and its citizens.

What St. Pete is saying…

“I like that we are going in the direction of moving away from the upside-down pyramid to a place that invites you to come and listen to music, watch a concert, go and really enjoy the amenities that nature has provided.”

– Nadine Smith, Equality Florida

“The pier has been that visible symbol of that brilliant decision making, that environmentally friendly forethought that went into the design of this city.”

– Brian Auld, Tampa Bay Rays

“The pier we have planned now is probably not going to be that same kind of iconic, picturesque building. But it’s going to be a place for events. It’s going to be a place you’ll remember for what you did there.”

– Jeff Hearn, Raymond James


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Million Annual Visitors


Amazing City

Special Thanks To…

Monica Kile, the meticulous crafter of the story of St. Petersburg’s Piers. Her expertise and love for the history of this city was invaluable to its creation.

As well as the historians and writers whose careful work on the history of our beautiful city contributed to the building of this community website:

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